Wedding Sand Art

Add special uniqueness to your wedding reception or dinner. Sand animation is a new, different and exciting way to tell your love story...

Sand Artist | Charlene Lanzel creates a memorable sand art story just for you, which adds a luxury element to your wedding event. Include portraits and shared experiences drawn in the sand, all performed to your special song. Your love story comes alive with this unique live animation!

Charlene offers 3 options for wedding sand art to suit your budget: Ambient, Combination (or) Bespoke.

1) 10-12 minute AMBIENT WEDDING: This is the most economical option. Charlene performs scenes from her stock animation "Love & Nature" with the characters personalized to look like the wedding couple. Choose your special song.

2) 10-12 minute COMBINATION WEDDING: This is the most popular option. Choose your scenes from Charlene's stock imagery storyboards. You can choose the location of where you met (Beach, City or Countryside), choose from 3 wedding scenes, or choose your honeymoon scene (Beach, City or Countryside). Choose your special song.

3) BESPOKE WEDDING: This is the best option. Use your imagination! Tell your completely customized story in sand with scenes of your choice. Include portraits drawn in the sand and memorable experiences. At least 7 minutes custom animation is recommended to tell your story. Choose your special song.

Choose a sand color to match your wedding theme! 

Wedding sand art can be performed live at your reception or dinner... or a video of the custom animation can be created for large screen viewing. 

Reserve Charlene today for your wedding video or event!